10 Tips for cleaning the insides of your windows!

The most commonly heard comment that we, and other professional window cleaners hear from our customers from day-to-day is

"I will have to clean the insides now!"

To help you in doing this I will give you some handy tips-

1. Have the right tools for the job. You will need-

· Microfibre cloths

· A squeegee

· Fresh Water

· Detergent (Ecover is perfect, but fairy will do just fine)

· Applicator (a clean sponge could substitute)

All these items are available from your local supermarket.

2. Get Prepared

Take down all net curtains and move any items/ornaments from windows sills because they will get knocked off and broken!

3. Sunlight is your enemy

Wherever possible try to clean the insides of your windows when the sun is not shining directly on them. The heat will cause the soapy water to dry too quickly and leave you with streaks.

For a professional window cleaner this shouldn't present a problem as generally we can work a bit quicker and keep ahead of the sun!

4. Not too much water

The name of the game for cleaning interior windows is to apply as small amount of water as possible. If you use too much water it will just end up on your window sill or soaking your carpet.

5. Protect the sills/carpet

If you have some spare towels/rags that you don't mind getting dirty water on, lay them across the bottom of the window to catch any water that drips down.

6. Squeegee Technique

Use your squeegee horizontally as this is the best technique to start out with. Once your technique gets a bit better, hold the squeegee a bit at an angle (about 20 degrees off vertical) so that the bottom edge is trailing, this will reduce the chance of strips of water left on the glass.

7. Wipe the edges

Once you have wiped the majority of the water from the glass with the squeegee, you will be left with some lines of water around the edges of the window. Use your microfibre cloth to wipe away this water. It might take a few passes to absorb it all, and firm pressure will aid this.

8. Don't get frustrated

If it's the first time in a while that you're cleaning the insides of your windows it can become a very arduous task. The windows may be particularly dirty, and may take a few going's-over to get them completely clean. Make sure you have plenty of tea breaks to retain your sanity!

9. Finishing touches

Once the initial hard graft is done, have a close look over each window and look at it from different angles. If you are a perfectionist you may find some missed bits of dirt which can be removed easily with a microfibre!

10. If you don't feel like it.....

Of course if you don't feel like spending the time and effort to clean the insides of your windows, Clear Windows Cleaning offer an interior window cleaning service!

Sit back and have a cup of tea or a cold beer (in the summer time of course) and watch us doing all the hard work.

More information can be found on our 'FAQ' page.



Clear Windows Cleaning

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