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Does your current window cleaner (if you have one) thoroughly clean your frames and sills on each visit?

In not, why not?

Since starting Clear Windows in 2011, I've maintained the philosophy that a window cleaner who has the desire and drive to be the best in their field must clean the entire structure of the window to deserve their job title.

Otherwise they are simply a 'glass cleaner'.

We often take on new clients who are surprised to hear that their frames, sills and front door (if suitable) will be cleaned as standard with our regular window cleaning service.

On top of that, that we offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you have been subject to a poor standard of window cleaning by other less established outfits, it's time to either

a) Request the reason that they don't clean the frames and sills.

b) It's time to find a new window cleaning provider that will give you a premium level of service.

If you have any questions about our regular window cleaning service please feel free to call on

01784 664 101

07511 168 917

Thanks for reading,


Clear Windows Cleaning

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